It was a brilliance idea of the management of Alang Kenari Chalet under its Owner/CEO Prof Nor Hayati Ahmad to include the outdoor activities as part of the 2nd ICIFE Exco Retreat 26th-28th December. Discover Yan was exactly what we did! It was completely apt because there is simply so much to discover and experience here in Yan and so much to learn about.

To many of our Exco and families, Kedah has only ONE attraction and that the Island of Langkawi .. the venue of 1st ICIFE Exco Retreat 2014. But we were surprised, Yan in the mainland has tonnes to offer with blessed unique natural beauty – from mountains, waterfalls, rivers, jungle, paddy fields to Islands of ancient myths and legends. Before Malaysia became known as ‘Truly Asia’ Yan was already a destination that was ‘Truly Asia’. It was simply kept low profile for adventurers to discover the beautiful nature. The colors were mesmerizing as we could see nature at its best … blue green blue green.

The highest peak in Yan, Gunung Jerai (Mount Jerai) is a massive limestone outcrop surrounded by lush greenery. It played an important part in Kedah’s history with its fair share of legendary tales.It was simply gorgeous driving up that hill … just you and the clouds. What struck our children was the view .. it was as peaceful as ever and seemed untouched. The air clean and the skies were clear and we can only hear the birds chirping and the faint sound of engine. It was really amazing!

Apart from Alang Kenari Chalet managed by Prof Nor Hayati and family, there are other nearby Home-stay owned by local Yanians for accommodation like Yan Chalet and Casa Murni. Tourism is expected to be a major revenue earner in the future. The Kedah State Government has decided to build a floating Mosque at the seafront of Yan overlooking the Malacca Strait.