In the opening address at the 2nd Exco Retreat at Alang Kenari Chalet, Yan, Kedah 26th-28th December 2016 with the theme ‘Charting ICIFE Blueprint 2017-2020’, Founding President Prof Dr. Khaliq Ahmad said “the best way to predict ICIFE future is to create it. Just like what the Exco did at the 1st Exco Langkawi Retreat 2014 that resulted with ‘ICIFE Blueprint 2015-2017’. It’s  a fantastic quote and, if anything, is more relevant now than it was in 2015. It reminds all of our power to affect change, and the responsibility we’ve towards ICIFE future and the futures of members who come along after us.

So you won’t be surprised to hear at the ICIFE Yan Retreat, we’ve been urged to be more engaging with members, reaching out public and private universities both locally and internationally as well connecting with experts in the government and industry in order to understand what sort of future we should be championing for ICIFE. We’ve moved away from thinking about how ICIFE is organized – the relationship between administrative process and strategic sales & marketing functions.

Whatever view of the future you subscribe to, it was resolved at the Yan Retreat that ICIFE must be a trusted voice in the world of IF educators, one that understands the business but also provides expert advice on IF education that its leaders “needing to get a couple of seats at the table” on policy decision levels for accreditation, research grants and enrollment. That means how we interact with each other and respond to change, how we learn and are motivated; what we’re capable of now and what their potential could be if harnessed and developed in the right way. This unique expertise will support the adaptiveness that ICIFE requires. It will ensure the well-being and financial sustainability of ICIFE, long term-ism inclusive membership out-reach are balanced with short-term needs of all its stakeholders locally and internationally.

Our view of IF educator is that it’s a profession, not a functional or merely technical discipline. It must be practised with a strong ethical focus, a shared body of knowledge based on a deep understanding of the 6 domains in Islamic finance, and with a collective identity that stands for public good over self-interest. As such, ICIFE Act must be put back on fast track!
The Yan Retreat has also resolved that ICIFE Blueprint 2017-2020 will continue to build ICIFE as profession for the future by being a source of strength behind our valued members throughout their careers; promoting ICIFE’s credibility and distinctive voice; and supporting members to develop the core competencies that make them experts in IF education.
This 2nd Retreat at Alang Kenari Chalet, Yan, Kedah concluded with a success due to the excellence coordination work led by Vice President Prof Dr. Nor Hayati Ahmad and the strong support from ICIFE Secretariat staffers namely Br Firdaus Salleh, Sis Fatimah Yeop and Sis Kamola Bayram. Most importantly with the presence and active participation of Founding President Prof Dr. Khaliq Ahmad, Hon. Secretary Assoc Prof Dr. Rusni Hassan, Hon. Treasurer Dr. Hamdino Hamdan, Hon. Asst Secretary Dr. Adam Abdullah, Exco Members: Prof Dr. Mohamed Aslam Haneef, Prof Dr. Rosylin Mohd Yusof, Prof Dr. Saadiah Mohamad, Assoc Prof Dr. Syed Musa Alhabshi, Assoc Prof Dr. Shahida Shahimi, Assoc Prof Dr. Dzuljastri Abdul Razak, Assoc Prof Dr. Zurina Shafii and Dr.  Haji Zulkifly Baharom. Also in attendance Auditor Dr. Nor Azizan Che Embi.

The motivating factor of this Yan Retreat was blending the involvement of Excos’ family members in ‘Solat Berjemaah & Tazkirah,’ outdoor activities like ‘morning walk & nature wonders; climbing Gunung Jerai & Songsong Islands hopping’.