Hon. Mayor Nacianceno M Pacalioga, Jr (Jun) of Dumingag Municipality in Zamboanga del Sur, Region lX, Mindanao, Philippines was the guest speaker at the 4th Annual Convention of World Association of Islamic Business Schools (WAiBS) on 26th-28th October 2016 in Bandung, Indonesia. He articulated an impactful presentation of Dumingag Organic culture accomplishments that won international awards in conformance with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Under his nine (9) years leadership the 650,000 population of Dumingag Municipality adopted and practiced pure organic as a way of life resulting with proven harmonious environmental relations and healthy community behavior.

Evidently this week Dumingag community and leaders get together to celebrate their accomplishments with pure organic and pure Asian cultural presentation absolutely no foreign influence. It is the pure Organic Community Social Hero Celebration under the Patronage of Mayor Jun and the leadership of Dumingag.

Day 1: Prayers n Opening Day of Organic  Trade Fair & Organic Culture Week.
Day 2: All day presentation on the best practices of pure organic way of living.
Day 3: Women Social Enterprise on organic herbal medicines & healthy food.
Day 4: Environment Day for the community to plant nutritional organic trees.
Day 5: Local Sports Day with traditional indigenous games and tele-match.
Day 6: Blood donation n Local Arts competition & ARTS-SHOP for children.
Day 7: Friendly Community Competition- Championship Games.
Day 8: Unified Organic Community Day with the finale GPA Awards Night.

Conceptualized as Organic Social Hero Celebrations, Dumingag Municipality recognizes individuals, organizations and groups who make a difference within the local communities. The award also intends to increase the awareness that the responsibility of making a more inclusive, compassionate and effective organic society falls on the hands of everyone alike. The success of this one week celebrations because it is a community-led driven by the organic hero.

Dumingag Municipality has signed-up as ICIFE Institutional Member at the 4th Annual Convention of WAiBS in Bandung recently. Therefore, ICIFE is proud to be associated with Mayor Jun, Councillors & people of Dumingag Municipality.