The Islamic World especially OIC Countries and lead by Malaysia , must forge a new IBF  Identity Framework in promoting Syariah Disruptive Innovation for IBF (s-IBF)  as a viable alternative to the current  global financial chaos brought about ( not just  by oil  market crush ) but  by total reliance on RIBA centric Theory of Economic Progress  since War World 1 , and of course tgat Great Depression.

  INTEREST-based economic activities have been  proven  by  Nobel Prize Winners ,  etc to have  created  a  vacum of economic Black Holes within both  developed and developing regions including 57  OIC Countries.  OECD leaders are now still struggling to find that Financial Holy Grail to lift  EU out of the RIBA darkening  mess.

Under Syariah law, all RIBA  driven IBF endeavours  are prohibited because it is deemed to be a great barrier to true  Open  Economies.

Western World led by Yale, Oxford and Cambridge etc have  acknowledged in secret the pioneering works by Ibn Taimiyyah,  Ibn Khaldun, Al Shatibinomics  and the whole Ahli Sunnah wa Jamaat  who are of the view that the current  World’s Economic and Financial Chaos  ( not forgeting that 1998 crush) must be free from RIBA in order to develope a transparent and dynamic Economic  Ummah for all

As a good working example, the Dinar based concept is a good solution  to the destructive  “printing money problem” within western IBF realm  (where paper monies  are printed with no real assest back up).

It is hope that ICIFE will pioneer a great frontier in pushing for a Syariah Disruptive  Innovation in IBF Education  as a new Green Strategic  solution to present  RIBA Theorem of Destructive  Economic and Financial Progress.

Adj Prof MSU Malaysia
Pioneer advocate in Big Compliance for a Better Business World