he three speakers during the Meet the Members’ Dialogue yesterday at UiTM Selangor in Puncak Alam have a robust discussion on how institutional collaborations can be best effected to bring about positive impacts among Islamic Finance educators and students throughout the world. They articulated at the win-win collaborative initiatives and the key success factors (KSF) involved for real fast action for ICIFE-UiTM. By and large, they were confidence of its growth.
The three speakers were Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, Senior Member of ICIFE International Advisory Board, Prof Dr. Haji Zaini Abdullah, Rector of UiTM Selangor and Prof Dr. Khaliq Ahmad, ICIFE Founding President. They concurred it crucial to every institution developmental roadmap is the ability to stand in the future to visualize the end goal. These three leading educational personalities shared their insights in formulating institutional road-maps and how futures could be actively designed, and not left to probabilities and the difficulties that lie within this process.

The highlight of the Dialogue was the presentation of ICIFE Institutional Member to UiTM received by Prof Dr. Zaini. Subsequently, Prof Dr. Zaini presented ICIFE Individual Certificates to eight core faculty members of UiTM Selangor led by Dr. Norlida Jaafar (Head of Centre for Economics and Finance) and Br Ahmad Husni Abdul Rashid (Coordinator of Islamic Finance & Banking). In turn Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli presented ICIFE Individual Certificates to two overseas members namely Br. Anwar Chowdhury (CFO of EEP/Shiree) of Bangladesh and Sr Irum Saba (Hon. Secretary, Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals) of Pakistan accordingly.

ICIFE has 25 members in UiTM mostly from its Selangor campus. It has been agreed that Dr. Norlida Jaafar, Br. Ahmad Husni and Br. Mohamad Nizam Jaafar to champion the setting-up of ICIFE-UiTM Chapter in order for specific IFE programs and activities could be held to meet its focus needs. Thus, UiTM is the role-model being the 1st university to create ICIFE Chapter.