In the 15 minutes pitch on 3rd August 2016 at the Business Networking Breakfast of the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Jakarta; Dr Haji Zulkifly Baharom, ICIFE Director & Head of Secretariat, spoke about his experienced on Malaysian and Asian important growth in particular Islamic Finance education and competency training at the post-graduate level. This is demonstrated by the increasing number of students and educators coming to ICIFE for study of curricula and talent development programs. He was speaking on the current status and challenges.

He stressed that ICIFE member countries should ensure the outgoing of international students and educators, are captured by the ICIFE’s accredited Islamic finance education (IFE), educators, programs and institutions in Malaysia which shall soon be regulated ICIFE Act within preferential international standards. Accreditations can also be given on regional and bilateral chapter levels and these accreditations shall be at least equal quality or deeper than those given to third countries.

IFE and training services has always been the subject of much interest academe debate. Given the importance of the sector, it is thus not surprising that quality training of educators is one of the sectors in WIEF that has attracted many deliberations. The resolution reached to commitment on a need for development of international mechanism for IFE co-operation between global academic institutions.

In conclusion he recommended that intra ICIFE member chapters’ investments should be encouraged and excellence quality of IFE and educators must serve as the main objective for the future in IFE. He also suggested the setting-up of Intra ICIFE Chapters world-wide cooperation in IFE and educators among authorities, agencies, students, professors and top leaders of relevant university community.

For almost three years now, ICIFE has been working to seek international recognition on the significant role and functions of IF Educators, trying to make business sense of this profession of the future within the context of Islam. This is not something new – there are a lot of books on the subjects and hundreds of articles in the journals & magazines written by scholars, post-graduate students and professionals.

Dr Haji Zul said, “ICIFE is trying to attempt to bridge and complement what we know about Islamic Finance Education in the contemporary sense and try to bring in what we think would be a continuum of that understanding. So, the major project that ICIFE is looking at in the 21st century is in the context of sustainable development of IF Educators. The question is: How can we connect IFE with the world?”

So, there is a need to strengthen ICIFE Eminent International Advisory Board by inviting prominent IFE leaders and scholars world-wide and to accelerate the establishment of Institutional, Country and Regional Chapters. To date ICIFE has almost 300 individual members and 15 Institutional Members with 13 Chapters. At the 12th WIEF Press Conference, ICIFE Indonesia Chapter was established as the 14th Chapter and Dr Hendri Tanjung, Vice Dean of Faculty of Post-graduate Studies, University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor installed as the Chairman assisted by Dr Rizal & Dr Muslim of Politeknik Negeri Medan.

Concurrently, ICIFE Founding President Prof Khaliq Ahmad presented the Certificate of Appointment as Eminent International Advisory Board Member to the Chairman of Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS), Prof Dr H Bambang Sudibyo, who is the former Minister of Finance & Minister of Education.
Press conference was witnessed by 30 new members of ICIFE Indonesia Chapter including the Vice Chairman of BAZNAS, Dr. Zainulbahar Noor and other Indonesian and international dignitaries.