Everyone on the way to KLIA Terminals will surely not miss to see a significant signage ‘KLIA College’ which is situated within the premises of its parent company, KLIA Premier Holdings. Its full name is KLIA Professional & Management College offering competency based courses and degree programs for the construction industry. Since its establishment, it has produced a pool of professionals and specialists in project construction and logistics management, occupational safety & health and hospitality services.

Monday 19th December afternoon ICIFE Director Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom visited the facilities of KLIA and had a pleasant meeting with its management team led by CEO Mejar Ir. Haji Kamarulzaman Musa. The discussion explored ways and means to establish collaboration between KLIA College with ICIFE. It was agreed on the needs in reinventing the future of training. Training as we know it may be obsolete.

One of the key changes that is happening in businesses all over the world is the drive for optimized productivity. This has created huge demands of professionals to optimize their knowledge to drive results and output for the organization. In this context, KLIA College is interested to collaborate with ICIFE in blending Islamic Finance knowledge in project construction & logistics management programs.

It was also agreed that KLIA College would seek the acceptance of its Advisor YBhg Tan Sri Ir. Jamilus Hussein, the iconic builder of KLIA as the first source of leadership brand project for MBA students. The outcome of this project could lead to writing cases on TSJ’s leadership brand and project management.