An old military saying has it that “amateurs talk strategy; professionals talk logistics.” Pretty much everybody has an opinion about global partnership priorities, but few understand just how much an organization’s choices in the areas of global value chains (GVCs). The topic of GVCs sits at the heart of any modern discussion on international business opportunities and Islamic finance training programs.
Combined, these factors create an environment conducive to rich, new mechanisms for accelerating growth and creating resilience for Amanah Institute of Islamic Finance and Economics (Amanah IIFE) based at Neukirchen-Vluyn, Gemany decided to sign a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) with ICIFE. This MoC was signed by Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Chief Executive Officer of Amanah IIFE and Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom, ICIFE Director @ Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur 13 October 2016.whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-17-16-51whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-17-16-52
It was witnessed by ICIFE Founding President Prof Dr.  Khaliq Ahmad, Vice President Prof Dr. Nor Hayati Ahmad, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bubaker Almansori, Advisory Board Member & Chair of North Africa Chapter and Exco Members in the presence of world delegates who attended the 5th International Symposium on Islamic Economics & Finance Education.

Amanah IIFE, is an international consulting consulting firm based in the heart of European Union (EU) with headquarters in Germany and Branch Office in Pakistan. Amanah IIFE is committed to fulfilling the needs and requirements of the lslamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Microfinance, Ethical Banking and Finance and Takaful industries. In collaboration with ICIFE, Amanah IIFE can provide diverse range of unrivaled services to financial, business and educational institutions, entrepreneurs and educators.whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-17-16-50

CEO Muhammad Ashfaq, a widely recognized and experienced Islamic Finance expert in Europe, said ” We strongly believe this collaboration with ICIFE will be successful because our business partnership are based on offering quality services that are unmatched in the industries and educational institutions. We will surely play an instrumental role in training and development of Islamic Finance around the world”.whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-17-16-48

“This MoC signing, an inclusive business models with Amanah IIFE arrives at the most opportune time,” as stated by Founding President Prof Khaliq Ahmad who is also Chairman, Council of Deans for Islamic Banking & Finance Faculty in Malaysia, “coming on the the heels of ICIFE rapid growth for sustainable partnerships world-wide, ultimately contributing to the economic well-being of ummah. As such, ICIFE is proud to be partnering with Amanah IIFE in sharing educators’ expertise for developing Islamic Finance curriculum development and training both in Germany and beyond its borders.”whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-17-19-41