Total Quality Management for Islamic Financial Institutions

Published in 2016

Topic Content
1 Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)

    • History of evolution of TQM
    • Fundamental elements of TQM
    • The need for TQM in Islamic financial Institutions
2 Customer Satisfaction

    • Kane model of customer satisfaction
    • Common practices adopted by the world-class companies
3 Engaging Employees Through Suggestion System

    • Components of suggestion system
    • Steps to implement suggestion system
    • Evaluating suggestions
4 Continuous Improvement

    • Fundamentals of process improvement
    • Improvement strategies
    • Problem solving method
    • Kaizen way
5 Benchmarking

    • Types of benchmarking
    • Benchmarking methodology
    • Benefits of benchmarking
6 National Quality Awards

    • Malcom Baldrige national quality award
    • Malaysian national quality award
7 Quality Function Employment

    • House of Quality (HOQ)
8 Six-Sigma Program

    • Why it is called Six-Sigma
    • Determining an appropriate method
    • DMAIC principle

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