International Council of Islamic Finance Educators

Islamic Capital Market

Published in 2016





Capital Theory and Financial Market

  1. Intermediation Role of Capital Market in Financial Landscape
  2. Capital Theory in Context of Islamic Finance
  3. Key Trends in Capital Market Development
  4. Risk in Capital Market


Introduction to Islamic Capital Market (ICM)

  1. Key Components of the Conventional Capital Market
  2. Role of the ICM in Global Financial System and How it is Different from Conventional Capital Market
  3. Essential Components of ICM
  4. Development Phases of ICM


Growth and Development of Islamic Capital Market

  1. Features of Islamic Capital Market Instruments
  2. Different Types of Islamic Capital Market Instruments
  3. Factors that Contributed to the Growth and Development of ICMs
  4. Role of International Agencies in the Global ICM


Shariah Principles Governing the Islamic Capital Market

1, Shariah principles that Underpin ICM Instruments

2. Capital Market Transactions can Meet Shariah Requirements

3. Shariah Governance Structures and Mechanism based on Relevant Frameworks

4. Shariah Standards and Guidelines on ICM products


Islamic Capital Market Instruments – Part 1 – Equity Market

  1. Evolution of Different Islamic Equity Market Instruments
  2. Explain Regulatory Framework for Islamic Equity Market Instruments
  3. Describe Structure and Screening Process of Islamic Equity Market Instruments (Shariah Compliant Stocks, Shariah Indices, Islamic Mutual Funds, etc)
  4. Discuss Recent Development in Islamic Equity Market


Islamic Capital Market Instruments – Part 2 – Debt Market

  1. Evolution of Different Islamic Debt Market Instruments
  2. Regulatory Framework for Islamic Debt Market Instruments
  3. Structure of Islamic Debt Market Instruments (Different Sukuk and Asset Backed Securities etc.)
  4. Recent Development in Islamic Debt Market


Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM)

  1. Explain the Function of IIMM
  2. Identify and Explain Key IIMM Instruments
  3. Discuss the Recent Developments in IIMM
  4. Highlight the Importance of Liquidity Management Centre in IIMM


Recent Developments and Issues in Islamic Capital Market

  1. Explain what is Financial Engineering in Context of ICM
  2. Discuss the Challenges Related to Acceptance of Structured Product in ICM
  3. Identify Shariah Compliant Techniques for Managing Currency Risk in ICM
  4. Explain Different Risk Management Tools for ICM

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