Keynote Speech by Hon. Professor Dr. Isarji on 6th AICIF

While highlighting the realm and scope of opportunities in the development and expansion of Islamic Banking and Finance particularly in the Southeast Asian region, Deputy Rector of IIUM, Hon. Prof. Dr. Isarji Hj. Sarudin is also optimistic of the role of Islamic finance educators at universities and colleges can play in order to continually identify and develop industry best practices. These guidelines can go long way towards ensuring the establishment of a sound Islamic financial eco-system in the region.

In this respect, Dr. Isarji is of the view that the International Council of Islamic Finance Educators, or ICIFE, which was established to act as catalyst for the development of Islamic finance eco-system, ought to evince a sustainable development strategy with the cooperation of accreditation agencies, academia, industry and training institutes.

Various collaborative efforts and initiatives to promote and jointly develop Islamic financial institutions and services involving governments, regulators, shariah scholars, finance professionals, academic and educators should be a continuous endeavour.  In his keynote address on the second day of the 6th AICIF in Manila, he expressed a desire to witness the taking shape of many forms of collaborations; not only in the form of student, staff, academic programme exchanges, but also in the area of research, community engagements and industrial linkages.